We Think Outside The Box

Producing a range of corrugated cartons and boxes for clients across a variety of verticals, DPL has steadily improved its quality, range, volume and capacity of products since establishment in 1974.


Saving Costs

Bespoke custom packaging reduces wastage, meaning less money spent on board. Smaller, tighter fitting boxes means less ordering of filler. Lower volume shipping boxes means more boxes fit on trucks/shipping containers.


Eco Friendly

Reduced usage of materials and more efficient transportation of goods means a smaller carbon footprint. Using corrugated packaging as an alternative to plastic is a great way to reduce your businesses impact on the environment.

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Our Team

Our management is highly experienced and qualified to ensure sustainable growth for the organization. The dynamic and diverse team have the expertise, experience and skills necessary to provide satisfactory customer service.




Navraj Dhillon

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer


Raju Shah



Sachin Tamse

Financial Controller


Ashfaq Mohamed

Operations Manager


Kimani Nene

Head of Sales and Marketing


Charles Barasa

Head of Human Resources


Manas Roy

Group Internal Auditor


Aloys Bosire

Head of Quality Assurance


Company profile

About us

Driven by the increasing demand for a high-quality finished product Dodhia Packaging Kenya Ltd (DPKL) continues to explore ways to differentiate itself from the ever-increasing competition in both the Kenyan and the larger East African region Market. 

DPKL has specialized in producing a wide range of corrugated cartons and boxes for customers across all sectors of the economy.

DPKL has steadily improved its quality, range, volume and capacity of products since its establishment in 1974.

“Five decades later and DPKL is now capable of producing in excess of 2,600 tonnes a month; making it the largest player in the Kenyan cardboard packaging industry,” 

“One of the main factors that made this possible has been the continuous improvement strategy, where investment has been made in high speed production machinery, add-ons and modifications to make productivity the best it can be and training/employment of high skilled manpower.”

The Company’s recent partnership with Riley Packaging in Uganda further supported this strategy, resulting in DPKL becoming one of the largest suppliers of corrugated cartons in East and Central Africa.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified Company, DPKL has a reputation for keeping a close eye on quality and customer service, conducting all the relevant checks before a product leaves the factory. Products are always accompanied with certificate of analysis for quality assurance.

As the East African market becomes more and more sophisticated, DPKL expect the demand for innovative and attractive packaging to continue growing. To meet this demand, ongoing research and development (R&D) and equipment upgrades are required.

 Over the past five years, DPKL has focused on improving/converting the production machineries with the latest technological advances in packaging. Our machines now have more automated elements which have increased our manufacturing productivity, efficiency, quality and capability to offer customers a larger variety of carton.



DPKL specializes in production and distribution of corrugated cardboard cartons namely;

Fish Boxes, Flower Boxes, Horticultural Boxes and General Packaging boxes among others spread into the following categories:

  • Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC) including C38, C48 and C96.
  • Die-Cut Cartons including Trays
  •  Single Facer Kraft
  •  Layer pads and Partitions


Environmentally-friendly production has always been a priority for DPKL and marks another core pillar of the Company’s continuous improvement, which ultimately revolves around increasing productivity and quality in line with a reduced carbon footprint.

“Made of paper and starch glue, our corrugated carton is 100 percent recyclable. Moreover, all of our waste from the production process is supplied to a waste paper collector who in turn sends back to paper millers for making of paper. This cyclical process is not only sustainable, but cost-effective and secures our supply of raw materials,”

Adopting Kaizen across all areas of its core activities has resulted in a winning strategy that continues to stand DPKL head and shoulders above the competition. Focusing on improvements to its corrugated carton product range that align with industry needs, DPKL will place even more emphasis on cementing client relationships and utilising its reputation as a springboard to form new ones. 

Supported by an experienced team of packaging professionals and state of the art manufacturing facilities, an enviable reputation has been created by adopting excellent service, superb quality products and competitive pricing.


Quality Policy

Our Purpose is “To serve packaging needs of our customers through eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing products.”

Our Vision is “To be the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality corrugated boxes and other packaging materials in East and Central Africa.”

Our Mission is….

“To excel in manufacturing as well as in all spheres of activities in the business we do.”

“To maintain market leadership by ensuring continuous innovation at all times to better our products and services.”

“To continuously motivate and develop the skills of our employees.”

“To commit ourselves to social responsibility by uplifting the lives of the unfortunate members of our society.”

“To provide a fair and attractive economic return to our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.”

Our Core Values include Integrity, Excellence, Discipline and Commitment.


Our Unique Selling Proposition to you

  • Latest technology: Using the latest flexo-printing machines combining 4 colour printing with in-line folder-gluer unit and in-line die cut unit which was previously a separate process. This results in improved quality and speed in delivery.
  • The fully equipped laboratory with the BCT machine gives a competitive advantage as it allows us to provide quality audits to customers and recommend the ideal box specifications to cater for their needs.
  • Quality policy: Our policy is to provide quality products and services that consistently meet the anticipated and continuous needs of our esteemed customers.
  • Training: We ensure that training is provided to all employees with various on-the-job training programs and workshop or seminar classes.
  • Environmentally friendly: The company together with its employees ensures that its activities consider environmental impact by treating affluent waste before disposing to the sewer line, gathering its waste paper for recycling, posting warning notice and signs for hazardous chemicals, conforming to all statutes regulating conduct of the factory activities and the environment.



Certification: ISO 9001: 2015 Version

Certification: Food Safety Standard Certification (FSSC). In progress.

Member of: 

  • Kenya Association of Manufacturers
  • Members of the Federation of Kenya Employers
  • Members of Kenya Institute of Management


CSR Activities

Dodhia Packaging Limited annually contributes to the Rhino Charge yearly event. The Rhino Charge event is the creation of the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, a fund-raising initiative to build the Aberdare Electric Fence. The Aberdare fence protects animals from poachers, prevents destruction of crops, livelihoods of the farmers living around the periphery of the reverse and conserves the indigenous forests. Money is raised through the Rhino charge Off-road 4×4 motor sport competition held in the remote part of Kenya, where over 60 teams battle it out for 10 hours to visit 13 guard posts in the shortest time possible.

Dodhia Packaging Limited monthly contributes funds to the Jalaram Mandir feeding program. The program caters for over 500 under privileged people living in the community, by providing them with free nutritious lunch meals daily.


Contact Us

Dodhia Packaging Limited

Kampala Road –off Enterprise road

Plot number 22, 

Industrial Area


Mobile: + (254) 0721/0734 295 101/0786 295 102 /0724 295102

Email: sales@dplkenya.com

Website: www.dplkenya.com